Help for the ups and downs of family life.

Welcome to thefamilyroom‘s website. Every Family has behaviour issues, Babies, Big Kids, Teens and everything in between.  Being a good enough parent means that you do not have to get it right all of the time to raise well balanced children capable of having fulfilling lives. You just need to be good enough.

What ties us all together as a family is a solid family relationship? How we relate to each other is the bed rock of a happy, joyful home. How we communicate with each other is critical.  Communication, open, honest communication can be difficult. We all carry baggage, family baggage can come down through generations, and it’s not easy.

We’re all in one way or another ok parents.  There are times when we reach that point in our relationship where it’s not ok, no ok behaviour, not ok relations, not ok sons and daughters, but it is ok to call for some guidance, some help in a situation that we find ourselves in.  That could be husband and wife, it could be mother and daughter, and it could be father and son.  Whatever, Whoever, It’s a situation that causes friction, unhappiness but one that can be resolved.

Thefamilyroom is a specialised mentoring service that offers help for families, children, teens – Dublin based, it’s a place to go when relationships with one another could be better, when the children/teenagers are at their most rebellious.

Some practical direction when it comes to family relationships that have been strained. When mums and dads, sons and daughters find it tough to talk to each other. When problems need someone who understands, who has some practical experience and who has been there.

As a parent with a family, I know the ups and downs of running a home, running relationships and at times how we can sometimes feel like running away. You are not alone.  My experience and know-how will be a real help, comfort and reassurance. My one to one sessions will give you a real hand in providing some real life solutions based on my own experience.


One to one parent mentoring sessions encompass the following:

Empowering parents who are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted anxious

Supporting parents who feel alone or isolated in their parenting.

Assisting parents who are frustrated around parenting matters.

Talk about different solutions there can be to parenting problems.

Enabling parents through guidance support and information.

Creating a space for parents who feel that their parenting skills are inadequate and are too embarrassed to talk to anyone.

Providing support and encouragement to allow a child to find their own way in the world.

Facilitating parents to understand their own needs, children’s needs and enhance family life.

Building strong relationships with children

Elaine delivers - talks - courses - workshops - on the following areas:

Positive Parenting for changing families

A One family positive parenting courses/workshop aimed at children 2-10 YEARS old which covers building strong relationships with children and managing difficult behaviours.

Effective Parenting of Self and Children

  • Helping children to become response-able
  • The behavioural development of children
  • Family relationships and feelings
  • Children’s challenging behaviours
  • A Different kind of discipline.

Family Communications

A One family family communications course which covers coping with family life and communicating with teenagers.

Understanding the Teenage Years

A training course for adults who have responsibility to teenagers. This course seeks to help parents, and other significant adults in the lives of teenagers.

  • The challenges of teenagers finding independence/the many stages on the way to independence
  • The importance of boundaries in the Parent Teenager relationship
  • Fostering responsibility in teenagers
  • Teenagers sense of belonging and its influence on School Achievement
  • Practising clear and direct communication.


Elaine Lynch – Supporting Families

Elaine Lynch – Supporting Families

Parent Mentor and Founder
Elaine Lynch BSc Psychotherapy, Middlesex University
Dip. Parent Mentoring, UCC
Dip. Effective Communication, UCC
Member of IARM(The Irish Association of Relationship Mentors)

Having trained as a professional parent mentor I am aware, how important the nature of the relationship, a parent has with their child/teenager and of this being critical to resolution of any presenting difficulties. At the heart of all family relationships is the relationship between Mum and Dad and sons and daughters. How we relate to each other. This is at the core of all families.

Elaine Lynch is there to help she is a professional parent mentor and founder of the family room.
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I am extremely lucky to have met Elaine, her expertise in parent mentoring saved my life.

I found Elaine’s parent mentoring of enormous benefit. It was a lifeline that enabled me to learn how to handle obstacles in my life, and with Elaine’s mentoring I was able to gain confidence and belief in myself to make positive changes which, in turn brought fantastic opportunity into my life and my children’s.



Elaine Lynch
Art & Business Campus,
40 Lower Drumcondra Road,
Dublin 9

T: 01 4425512
M: 087 7999474

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